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Puppy Socialization Classes
Our puppy classes are dedicated to the best puppy in the world -- your puppy!
Our socialization classes strive to teach puppy owners how to raise a better pet and therefore enhance the very special relationship which evolves between a dog and his or her owner.  As a puppy owner, it is up to you to take the first step toward helping your pet develop and grow in the right direction – into a great dog.  Whether or not you are obedience training, you are still directing behavior and establishing patterns in the most formative time of you dog's life.  Failing to teach or set limits that your puppy understands results in the creation of a dog without behavioral boundaries.
Where to begin:  It is crucial that you begin to initiate an educational program with your puppy at an early age.  Between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks, dogs begin to formulate attitudes and opinions that will last a lifetime.  Puppies should begin socialization classes as close to eight weeks of age as possible.  This early start is essential in preventing future behavioral problems.  Lacking an understanding of his nature and without the guidance and love of his owner, a puppy can not reach the objective of becoming "man's best friend".  While your puppy desires to please you, he simply does not know how.  We will assist you in understanding your dog and help you get the most out of your lives together. 
Training protocol:  Our small, weekly socialization sessions allow for your personal concerns and questions to be addressed.  Through our guidance and the participation of other puppy owners, you will learn a great deal about socialization, confidence building, basic problem solving, and other owner educational topics. 
Socialization:  There are no perfectly mannered Lassies or Benjis without proper socialization.  During your weekly sessions you will learn how to begin the process that is critical to the positive social development of your puppy.  While attending our program your puppy will come in contact with people of various ages, races, and sizes; from infants in strollers to uniformed public servants.  We encourage and monitor handling exercises where your pet is exposed to new people in a gentle, positive manner.  Proper socialization during this short window of opportunity will guide your puppy's development while he gains a clear understanding of appropriate behavior.
Confidence building:  At puppy socialization class, you will also learn confidence building techniques to help your pet have positive experiences.  Using proper skills, we will assit your puppy in overcoming most of his unreasonable fears in the environment.  For many dogs, items such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, lawn mowers, and umbrellas are new experiences that, if introduced improperly, may lead to permanent fears or even aggression towards objects or people.
Basic Problem Solving:  We will assist you in solving many types of behavior problems.  You will receive useful information on housebreaking, chewing, and play-biting, which can lead to unwanted aggression.  You will learn how to teach your puppy to sit and walk on a leash.  Through planning and careful attention to each puppy as an individual, we can help you learn how to guide your pet's development in order to prevent problem behavior ,sometimes even before it starts.
This course consists of 6 weekly sessions.
Cost: $75.00