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Please Call For Pricing on Individual Training


Country ClassesObedience Training
Training offered includes:
Individual private lessons @ 40.00/hr
In-home instruction @ 50.00/hr  
Training while boarding:  40.00/day  
On-site residential training : Please call to schedule a temperament test and evaluation as well as to discuss pricing.
Puppy Socialization: For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of age (and their owners).  This instruction is designed to help puppies gain self-confidence when faced with the "anxieties" of life.  They are introduced to many people as well as other puppies/dogs.  Timid puppies are taught that life is not as scary as they think it is and large breed puppies learn that smaller dogs are their friends (not snacks!).  Owners will be taught basic handling techniques and will receive assistance with individual problems that they may be having with their own puppy.  Puppyhood is challenging, so let us help you get them off to a great start.
Beginner Obedience: For Dogs 6 months of age and older (and their owners).  These sessions will teach puppies/dogs basic obedience commands, such as sit, down, stay, come and how to walk appropriately on a leash (including not to pull, automatically sitting when owner stops walking, etc.)  Skills learned here help ensure that your dog is really "man's best friend".
Advanced Obedience: For Dogs 6 months of age and older (and their owners) who have already completed the basic obedience course.  This includes distractions while commands are given, off leash work, and Off-site "field" trips to add diversity.  The goal is for dogs to stay focused on their owner at all times and not only when the owner is close enough to correct them.
Residential Training: This course allows your dog to attend a “residency” at K9 Country Village with a certified dog trainer who will work one on one with them during their stay.  The trainer will teach all of the skills that the dog would learn in the above mentioned classes, in addition to extensive socialization with all the other dogs at K9 Country Village.  Following completion of the residency, the dog and owner will then need to be trained together to ensure that they are both "speaking the same language".  This course will include 3 private follow-up lessons (if needed) to ensure both the owner and the dog continue working well together. 

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HOURS OF OPERATION  8-11 AM and 3-6 PM  (CLOSED 11-3)  M, Tu, Thr, Fri, Sat